Brown poop streaks left on a condom or penis after anal intercourse.
Make sure to douche yourself next time! When I pulled out, I had residoodoo all over my dick.
by homopinionation February 23, 2014
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Shit on your anus that is left over from a crap session which will be wiped off with toilet paper.
I stuck some TP with my residoodoo on the toilet seat cuz I'm a fuck tard
by mistahtom@aol.com April 27, 2006
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Doodoo (poop/shit/fecal matter) residue. The brown dark area around the butthole where women usually get bleached. There can be residoodoo on the man's penis after anal sex.
Man homegirls butthole was burnt with that residoodoo. Look like a firecracker went off between her butt cheeks.
by Tobeezy June 10, 2018
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