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Unlike a compromise which involves a give and take between opposing viewpoints, and mutual concessions, a republimise means to agree with whatever the Repugnicant overlords say given their attitude of arrogance and self righteousness and certainty that they are always right. Whether their 'mandate' consists of a one vote victory in the US Supreme Court as in the 2000 Presidential election, or taking back one house in the Congress as in the 2010 election despite polling showing the popularity of the party overall at 25% in approval ratings, they never waver from their certitude that they are always right and belong in power.
A Republicompromise was offered by the new house majority leader which consisted of 'our way or the highway' rather than any concession to the other party. The tea baggers declared themselves the new poltical center despite the fact that they are a bunch of extremist whack jobs who HATE AMERICA and agreed to Republimise meaning everyone else had to agree with them.
by jmspaesq November 04, 2010
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