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A three-way portmanteau of the three names a right-wing person may identify as their affiliation, depending on any given situation, in order to fit with their world-view for that particular second of the day. Republiconservabertarians will be against government intrusion when it comes to paying taxes, for government intrusion when it comes to keeping gay people single, and against both major American political parties until they vote Republican.

Not to be confused with Raxacoricofallapatorius, home of the Slitheen in Doctor Who.
Dave: "You're a registered Republican, aren't you?"

Ned: "Yes, but they don't speak for me now. I'm a Libertarian through and through, and want government out of our personal lives."

Dave: "Even though you attended that rally against abortion and gay marriage last weekend?"

Ned: "Any good conservative would."

Dave: "Where are you going now?"

Ned: "Going door to door for our local congressman."

Dave: "So you're a Republiconservabertarian."
by Jackpot777 June 20, 2011
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