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The dehumanizing belittling puposely-misinforming propaganda of greedy elitests who pretend to want less government in the hopes that the masses will not catch on that they actually need big government to sell to, big government to tax the masses, big government to lobby for and against, "freedom" to payoff politicians to lower their fair share of taxes. All in the hopes that you can forget what you learned through your faith, kindergarden, grade school, and high school that was decent, wholesome, fair, ethical and humane so you don't start a revolution like the French Revolution and end them.
"Those people in New Orleans deserve what they got." Barbara Bush-Interviewed one week after Huricane Katrina. True republican speak.

"Uh, I'll have to get back to you on that." Senator John McCain, The Maverick when asked asked how many properties he and his multi-millionaire wife owned.

The republican speak party is like a welfare crack mom. They want the government to pay for their well being. While doing and supporting illegal drugs and nothing for anybody else. Producing kids to make more money only for themselves while the kid starves looking at his 300 lb "mom." And then not want the government to tell them what to do once they got the money.
by psychobabbleculvercity March 14, 2011
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