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The Reptites are an ancient race of intelligent, reptilian creatures that evolved on the plains of the prehistoric continent. Well developed before the oral tradition of humans even began, the Reptites subjugated the other animals of the land and dwelled in caverns and stone structures. With scales and cold blood, they survived in the arid air outside and in the damp cool of their shelters. They also had large heads, perhaps responsible for their intelligence and mental powers; one Reptite leader named Azala was able to harness psychokinesis. This intellectual prowess and physical toughness allowed the Reptites to dominate the land for most of their existence, culminating in the construction of a huge fortress south of the central lava fields. This center and their other homes were guarded by dinosaurs and other creatures under Reptite control. The Reptites apparently slept on the ground, as formal sleeping quarters are never seen. The Reptites were deeply respectful of the planet; Azala often spoke of it in reverential terms, referring to it as mother (these religious references were removed in the US translation of the game). They also demonstrated a talent for combat after the Early Humans began to war with them for control of resources.
Chrono had to face many Reptites on his way through the Tyrano Lair!
by BoozeHammer March 31, 2011
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