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A character from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Created by Vexen from data taken from the real Riku. Repliku then attacked, and lost to the real one, then confronted Sora, but also lost. His memories were then switched by Namine, thinking he and her were childhood friends. With his new memories, he found Sora, and warned him to stay away from Namine, but when it appeared they both had the same memory, they fought, but Repliku lost once more. Sora and Repliku continued their fights on the floors of Castle Oblivion. On their last fight, Repliku cheated, and was about to kill Sora, when Namine stepped in and destroyed his heart, turning him into a lifeless puppet (metaphor, not really a puppet). On the final floor, Sora confronted Marluxia, and the latter asked Sora if he would give up his heart like Repliku, but then the clone stepped in, not knowing how he was still alive, decided to join forces with Sora, and defeat Marluxia. They eventually did, but Repliku rejected Sora's offer to help him. He wondered off, eventually being found by Axel, who told him if he killed Zexion, he would gain more powers. He did, and with his new powers, he fought the real Riku at Twilight Town. Repliku lost, and before fading away, asked what happens to a fake's heart. Riku answered the same place as his. Repliku laughed at this, and died. Although not his real name, Repliku is used by his fans to give him more of a character.
Riku Fan: The real Riku owns Repliku!
Repliku Fan: Bull crap! Repliku would've won if he let Namine die, but he didn't cause he's a kind an compassionate person! Without a heart as big as a lion!
Riku Fan: Okay...
by Morghman August 05, 2009
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