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The stock of bitches, hos, or other pieces of ass that a player is prepared to pimp out or on at any given time.
I got so many bitches in my repertwat, I could loan you a dozen, cousin.
by Lar5384 December 28, 2007
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Pronounced rep-er-twat (like repertoire), this is the mental list of members of the opposite sex that you've gotten with, and with whom you could probably get again. It's applicable to any degree of action or ass that you've received during a hookup or past relationship. Like the universe, it is ever-expanding.
Two friend's speaking:

Bro 1: Brosiff, there gunna be any hot femaliens at the party tonight?
Bro 2: Cha-yeah. I'm pretty sure Lisa, Annie, and Kristen. They're all in my repertwat.
Bro 1: Jeez son, save some for the rest of us.
Bro 2: Not my fault I got a lotta tricks up my sleeves, or should I say pants.
by Nick Savoy August 08, 2009
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Everyone you've nailed. Everyone.

Especially counts for ho's, skanks, and sluts, but technically is everyone. (In a pinch, blowjobs count too)
dude 1: 'So you're not mad about <Skank>?'

dude 2: 'Nah man, that bitch was already in my repertwat.'
by EStizzy March 07, 2009
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