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Reoch is the last name of worldwide author Robert George Reoch who writes books of sensational short stories under the series title, "Travelers' Shorts." The Reoch surname is of Scottish origin and is pronouced Ree-ock (rhymes with Reebok).

Another person, of the same name, is a London financier who became infamous for his inception of the financial tool called "derivatives" which is the practice of leveraging lenders' potential loan losses (a derived portion) in a way which in recent years led to one of the biggest financial collapses in history.

The expression, "What a Reoch," is used as a mild epithet to be construed as saying "What a genius" with the double meaning being also "What a devil" (in a tongue in cheek way). Clever, funny, diabolical--Reoch
What a Reoch!
by Robert George Reoch June 25, 2010
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