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A play on the word "orgasm", it's a feeling of complete and utter happiness, joy, ecstasy, euphoria, delirium, elation, etc. having anything to do with the musical "Rent". Whether it's by: thinking about one of the actors, songs, or scenes; singing/listening to one of the songs; seeing the show. This emotion is usually more powerful than an orgasm to a true Renthead.
I had a huge Rentgasm when Tracie hit that high C in her solo.

Jesse's voice makes me Rentgasm every time he sings/smiles/dances/talks.

"La vie Boheme" is such an awesome song, it makes me Rentgasm every time I listen to it.

I Rentgasm every time I even LOOK at my Rent DVD.
by ForgetRegret May 15, 2006
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a feeling of contentment after watching rent or a part of rent that satisfys you
Person 1: Dude, did you see Mimi last night, it was so great, totally rentgasmic.
Person 2: You get rentgasms so easily, it's disturbing. usually i have to watch all of la vie boheme for that to happen.
Person 3: Adam Pascal gives me rentgasms. Is that ok for a guy?
Person 4: too.
by adampascalssexslave April 01, 2006
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