A Boy Who Takes It Up The Ass From Strange Men In Exchange For Money MMMMMMMMMMMM
Chris Costello Is A Dirty Dick Licking Rent Boy Who Loves Backdoor Fun
by K Cass June 20, 2003
An awesome person, who loves to; party, dance, drink, smoke, have casual relationships and general merriment.
That Rentboy - She's / He's so crazy!
by xahx March 18, 2008
The population of #Chilled.uk IRC channel on Quakenet
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
derived from a scandal involving uber-conservative Baptist minister George Alan Rekers who, while publicly condemning homosexuality, also procured the services of a male companion on a website called Rentboy.

Secretly doing something that you publicly condemn.
I wouldn't be surprised if one day that homophobic asshat is caught pulling a rentboy.
by argylestyle July 20, 2010