A Homosexual male Prostitute. The name is derived from the fact when boys rent themselves out to other gay men and get paided for Homosexual sex
''oi rentboy there's ya pimp waiting for you at the bus stop!''
by sweet jesus March 21, 2006
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A Boy Who Takes It Up The Ass From Strange Men In Exchange For Money MMMMMMMMMMMM
Chris Costello Is A Dirty Dick Licking Rent Boy Who Loves Backdoor Fun
by K Cass June 20, 2003
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An awesome person, who loves to; party, dance, drink, smoke, have casual relationships and general merriment.
That Rentboy - She's / He's so crazy!
by xahx March 18, 2008
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derived from a scandal involving uber-conservative Baptist minister George Alan Rekers who, while publicly condemning homosexuality, also procured the services of a male companion on a website called Rentboy.

Secretly doing something that you publicly condemn.
I wouldn't be surprised if one day that homophobic asshat is caught pulling a rentboy.
by argylestyle July 20, 2010
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