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used in the sport of paintball, it's a code that states that if paintball is to be defined as a recognized sport, players need to stop spending thousands of dollars decorating their paintball markers with useless parts, and actually use their gear to play paintball.

People who spend all of their money on aftermarket accessories, and cant afford to actually play paintball, are not following the Rendition Code.

The "Rendition Code" states that no amount of money spent on your paintball marker will make you a better player, you will just have a prettier marker.

"That guy just spent $3,000 on paintball equipment, and cant afford to play paintball for the next 6 months, he needs to learn the Rendition Code"

player 1: "Yea I just ordered $500 in gun upgrades, I cant afford to play paintball for a long time"
player 2: "dood you just spent money you didnt have, on a gun you cant use. You need to read the rendition code"

Player 1: "Think those guys over there with the super expensive markers would like to play us?"
Player 2: "No, they dont follow the rendition code. They are just here to show off their pretty markers, they dont want to actually play paintball."
Player 1: "Well I follow the rendition code, I'd much rather have a Ion and 60 cases of paint, then an XSV Ego and no money. Let's work on our snap shooting, tryouts for Dynasty are next week"
by May 16, 2006
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