Officially the greatest thread ever to be conceived. (Voted as 'Thread of the Century' by Web User magazine in 2008) Originally founded by 'joseph12011993' on the Official Playstation Forum it has been the center of martyrdom based banter, as well as many other subjects, on the internet for over 2 years.

It has survived several attacks from both mods and uninformed members but to this day remains the place to be for any internet lover.
John: Oh boy, I sure do hate Martyrdom on Call of Duty....
Paul: You know what, you should express your views on the Remove Martyrdom thread... there you will recieve helpful tips on how to avoid being killed by said perk as well as making lots of life long friends!
John: You don't say?.... Well where do I sign up?!
Paul: Where? Why, on the Official EU Playstation Forums, thats where!
John: Jee thanks! My life is now complete....
by you know it makes sense February 24, 2010
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