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A sudden, uncontrollable erection , that mysteriously springs up at the most innappropriate times imaginable. Such as; during job interviews for teaching pisitions, while testifying in front of a jury when your looking at life in prison, during political debates when your running for office, on your wedding night dancing with all your in laws but not when you dance with your wife, and when meeting your girlfriends five year old Bruce for the first time. Often , medical intervention is necassary, and you probably will need to retain a lawyer as most people report reluctant boners as sexual assaults. These are highly embarrassing erections , and can sometimes be fatal. Be prepared to leave town, as trying to explain a reluctant boner just makes it worse.
My ass is red as,my cheeks because a reluctant boner made an unfortunate appearance just as I met my girlfriend's baby sister and now I've got to move out of town.
by Triflegirl August 11, 2018
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