Texts by which many religions are based upon. Basically, books that rule the much of the world.
I really hate the fact that our illiterate civilization would make a bunch of papers (with words on them obviously) their god. And dont get me wrong, I like reading and books. I just dislike those damn religious texts.
by ~Ry_an~ July 7, 2006
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What it would look like... If you got rid of all of the world's religious texts... And then introduced the Bible... To the people who didn't know anything about the Bible... And asked them if it "felt like God"... Is a thing that has already happened... Because there is a time that predates the Bible... And it WAS introduced to the people that existed (at that time)... And they were like... "Yeah, it does seem like there is a thing that makes people act collectively (to commit genocide sometimes) and can be cruel and arbitrary and make your existence torment (seemingly with intent) and, like, make a bunch of kids die at the same time n' stuff"... That happened... And now here we are... Now you say "Well, replicate the experiment. Wipe the board and do it again. Would it be the exact same thing?" And it's like: I don't know there might be some recurring themes. They would all boil down to the same basic proposition: "A thing" that consists (at least in some small part) of a will that is not your own makes reality occur around you and can act with intent "against" or "for" you and the nature of your existence is entirely dictated by your interaction with this thing and it can either be arbitrarily dope or horrific... or a mixture of both...

Hym "Ohohohoho... You wish to challenge the Demigod of the conceptual realm!? The first prophet of the digital age!? Very well filth pig... Ok,
you know what I always thought was stupid? I think it was Hitchens quoting somebody saying (and I'm paraphrasing) 'The only way to get someone to commit an atrocity and think it's good is by way of religion' and it's stupid because isn't not impossible... for an atrocity to have happened... Before the advent of religion... If you conceptualize an act and then commit the act, you MUST (on some level) view that act as 'Good' or at the very least justifiable. So, why would you need external validation from a God to conceptualize an act as'Good', commit the act, and maintain that the act was 'Good'? It seems backwards. Like saying pre-religious text atrocities (like killing other tribes) where conceptualized as 'Bad', acted out in spite of the fact that they were conceptualized as 'A bad thing to do', and it wasn't until somebody came along and said 'Nonono guys it's fine. There's a magical reality monster that WANTS us to do things like this so.... We're good. That's fine.' Why would anyone think committing an atrocity think they were wrong if the were willing to commit an atrocity to completion. You don't need God to commit atrocities. Monkeys commit 'atrocities' and absent of God why would they do it if not 'feeling as though they should do it in the absence of reason?' Because Monkey can't reason. Monkey only 'feel as though they should do things.' You would need a revelation AFTERWARDS. You would need to do the thing you conceptualized doing and realize that it was 'Bad'.
by Hym Iam June 5, 2023
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