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A group of religious adherents, usually Northern Christians, particularly Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, and other faiths whom interpret their doctrines and divine beliefs to mean that leftist ideas like Unionized Labor, Guaranteed Universal Health Care, Civil Rights for All, 'Protecting God's Green Earth', No War, are positive, just, and ultimately good for society; that achieving these things and helping people is the most noble, holy, and honorable thing we can do as a people.

Typically liberal northeast Catholic and mainline Protestants who focus on the socialistic aspects of Jesus Christs' Message.
"Why are Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner both Catholic, but so different in idealogy?"

"One's from the religious right, the other's from the Religious Left . They interpret things differently."


Michael Moore, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi
by efb91 February 18, 2011
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