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Technological and/or personal isolation, or real life acts of mayhem, usually by an organization or group, in order to “break down” a target so they’re sufficiently oppressed and more apt to believe or follow their beliefs. Usually targeting women or minority groups, this can involve the following:

1) destruction of personal property (ie., computers, car tires or engines)

2) isolation of loved ones and support structures (usually technologically via phones or Internet)

3) financial oppression - stolen identity, bank account fraud

4) mayhem in and around the home (food poisoning, clothing destruction, electrical power surges or outages, messing with animals)
5) targeted mayhem outside the home, including but not limited to: overt stalking, road rage

Most mayhem is deemed to be "accidental" by the victim, unless said victim sees mayhem-doers speeding away in a vehicle packed with wierd household shit, or the same vehicle trying to run them off the road, or tracks a stalker attempting to hack their computer at a local coffee shop, or until a hidden skype cam is set up within the home to remotely witness such events.
Jenny: I have been having all these wierd fucking events happen to me in the past year. I think I'll investigate if I'm a victim of Religion-holing.
by literalgrrl December 03, 2011
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