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1. A moron who things that answers provided by his/her religion are true and that science and scientists lie.
2. A typically ill-informed and ill-educated wing-nut hold beliefs like pastor Terry Jones, Jimmy Falwell, James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and denies accurate, valid, and legit science.
3. A combination of the words "religion" and "retard".
Eg 1. Man: Did you hear what Sarah "Caraibou Barbie" Palin said?
Woman: How did she embarrassed all of America in the world's eyes?
Man: She thinks the world is 6000 years old and that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time.
Woman: She is religatard.

Eg 2. Woman: I can't believe I was so calm with Sara.
Man: What happened?

Woman: She just told me that every single muslim is evil, homosexuality will destroy humanity, and the Haiti earthquake was the result of 100 year old pact with the devil.
Man: She is a fucking religatard.
by Thinking Human May 06, 2011
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