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The relaxing Unit, symbol rU, (pronounced: "are you" often with a slight pirate accent) is a derived unit of relaxation or well-deserved laziness/irresponsibility.

It is equal to;
1.) the amount of Netflix required to prompt the watcher(s), "Are you still watching?".

2.) the energy absorbed (relaxing done) when applying 1 each 24oz. Porterhouse Steak to ones mouth. Note: only meat can be used for this conversion (no veggies, rice, fruit) as the amount of work done by the consumed animal is stored in the meat as potential energy which now becomes useable energy by the human absorbing the meat.

3.) passing a direct electric current of 400 Amperes through one human hand for one second.

This unit was realized by the American, Sir Joshua Cook (1984-present), after the avid Netflix watcher/carnivore/basement tinkerer noticed a similar bust of energy throughout his body after experiencing all three of these events.
"I definitely scored 1 Relaxing Unit while my boss was on vacation."

"Sarah's BJ's, easily 2.5 rU's, I'll be good for a while."
by SirCook January 26, 2015
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