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A high school social studies teacher that clearly resembles a large alpha penguin. Being deemed a Reinbold requires, but is not limited to, having stubby tubes for fingers, secretly being a fascist, claiming to have had an extensive and successful soccer and football career while claiming he could have gotten into a division 3 school for his "athletics." This infamous figure is known to be caught saying "hey guys, look up here" every 9 minutes and pausing after every scene during movies to explain. A Reinbold is generally a negative term and should only be brought out if a fellow peer is acting like a tool.
(Class watching Pearl Harbor)

Man in movie: "The Japanese are attacking Pearl Harbor!"

Reinbold: *pauses movie* "As you can see, the Japanese are attacking Pearl Harbor."
by motherland! July 21, 2011
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Someone who claims to be married, and falsifies documents such as marriage licenses, photographs and such to create an image of a more popular social life.
I once that Jerry was a cool dude, but it turns out he was just a Reinbold.
by jsadf557 April 28, 2011
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