Reikon in Shinto, which is an Indian language, means soul or spirit. It is said to be believed that when the Reikon cannot move on that their Reikon will remain on this earth until it is ready to pass.

One with the name of Reikon is said to be beautiful and intelligent as well as charasmatic but knows when to get serious. She is a loner and doesn't take well to change but knows when to get serious and can handle the most toughest of situations and can adapt well to changes if need be.

She has a mysterious path that, not even herself, can began to understand. But with her beautiful struggle comes the strength to forgives others and life experience in the real world.

She is determined and stubborn and once she sets her mind to something there's no changing what path she'll take or what choices she'll make.

She is more commonly having a undeniably strong bond with nature and animal life, seeing this life as the only life that can give peace, tranqulity, and prosperity.
I have a kind Reikon
My Reikon is forgiving
Come to me, my lost Reikon
by Reikon Matancîs January 19, 2011
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