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She WILL try to steal your man, and she WILL fail at everything she does.
"She is such a Rehmat"
by Ihatepeople2018 October 24, 2018
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Rehmat is the best in the world. Biggest liverpool ever. He has two best friends named shaun stokes and aarav mehta. If u mess with him he will beat tf out of u, so don't try man!. He is a rapper and also an amazing football player. Come at him if u say liverpool won't win the champions league.
by Gnagagag June 01, 2018
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The sweetest guy you'll meet, always there to put you in a good mood even when your down. He's really smart but can act like an idiot, he's cute and adorable and can make your heart melt with every word. Your very lucky if you find someone named rehmat, Make sure to never lose him <3
Rehmat is the beat person in the f* world :D
by ~xXDontQuestionItXx~ May 05, 2019
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