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A substitute referee that came in when the other ref got sick. Usually dressed in a normal ref uniform, but with white sneakers instead of black. Often also leads the crowd in warm up stretches yelling "Move it!". Once of the most famous is Beatrice Middleton as seen in 'The Middletons' strip from December 27, 2009. Reftitutes are crazy. They will eject you!
Liv: Hey, today's a great day for a jog! How about some warm up stretches?

Ben: Oh no, not the Hatley Hula again! We've done that a million times.

Liv: Yes, but you love it. Uh oh, here comes the Reftitute. We better get stretching.

Beatrice: (wearing a ref uniform) That's right! You'd better get moving. Can I stretch with you, too?

Liv: Of course! Easy, stretch all the way over. There you go! Doesn't that feel creamy?

Beatrice: Yes, but what else?

Liv: There's the Hatley Hula, the Liv Lean, the Benball. There's all sorts of crazy stretches. Even referees need to stretch.

Beatrice: You do realize we're only stretching before going running, don't you? (She blows the whistle) Move it! Reftitute in the house.

Liv: Nice, I think I'm gonna love this.

Ben: Yes, Reftitutes are sweet!
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 18, 2011
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