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An area of Hamburg, Germany where one can find the red-light district.

Parts of it are extremely garish and over-the-top (naturally) but it is also full of good restaurants/bars, and nearby, FC St. Pauli.
Naturally, when Pricelining hotel rooms in Hamburg, one of the cheapest rooms you can find will be in the Reeperbahn district.
by Count de Monet May 05, 2011
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A cultural wonderland, situated in Germany's amazing city-State of Hamburg in the district of Sankt Pauli. Many bars and restaurants can be found along this historic, idyllic and iconic road, at night time it doubles as a red light district.
Q1: It's been a boring day so far, do you have any ideas for an exciting night out?
Q2: I have been in Hamburg for a week already and have had no luck getting any poon. I don't want to Bustra Move at the clubs again.
A=Go to the Reeperbahn again. At night the atmosphere is bangerangolicious and if you want an orifice you can easily find cheap working girls. You haven't scored until the knickers are off, get gash but try saving your cash. Cash before gash, that's their motto too, if you want some in-out.
by w82concerned May 14, 2011
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