Ballymena, N.Ireland word used by local spides to describe something which they have trouble articulating a reaction to. Reely can be possitive or negative.
The cornerstone of Ballymena slang.
"Shem, that cove is pure reely"

Translation "Hey mate, that man is very cool/ crap/ mad/ fun/ ugly/hard to understand/ cultured/ energetic/ funny/ boring/ peculiar etc. etc.
by Anthony Wisener October 28, 2006
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Two people meant for each other, meet as two kids in 7th grade thornsbitches class and 6 years later started talking again. Perfect match made in heaven.
Wow have you seen how perfect "Reely" are together?
by Ryanbbbbbbbb January 26, 2022
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Might as well call her Reely Impleson since she wandered aimlessly off that cliff.
by novaaquarii31 March 18, 2018
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