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A process of making something stupid because that is what Google says it is.

For Example: If you put “Reductio ad Absurdum” into Google Translate it detects the language as Latin, and translates it to English as: “Reductio ad Absurdum.”

Another Example: For years (through May 29, 2018 at least) if you ask Google "What does it mean to be an American?" it responds with this as the first answer (in a box even):

"It means that I can say "The Pledge of Allegiance" and that I can vote for the President, my county clerk, and the Mayor. But to me it means most of all to be free and to be proud that I live in the United States of America here in Wisconsin."

Dig deeper and you'll find it is written by an 10-year-old who, in addition to thinking that the U. S. is in Wisconsin, does not know that to be an American means she is free to NOT say the pledge and that she has 10 years to go before she can vote.

Thank you Google for establishing a 10-year-old as the #1 expert on what it means to be a patriot. Way to go.
If we're going to Make America Great Again we've got to stop all this Reductio ad Absurdum going on.
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by Len Bakerloo June 11, 2018
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