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The act of rapidly masturbating, causing your shaft to turn red; then jizzing on your hand and lubricating your whole shaft with all the jizz, let it marinate in the jizz for awhile, then acquire your target, most likely an asian hooker, then slap her with your red slobster of justice. Be careful, a counter attack created by asian hookers has just been released, further information is not known. Do not perform this attack on black people of any kind.

50 Year old pedophile used Red Slobster attack!
8 Year old asian boy used barrier shield!
The barrier shield failed!
Red Slobster is super effective!
8 year old asian boy fainted!
50 year old pedophile wins!

Ex. 2

Abusive Black Man: Eh, Nigga did you just red slobsta mah lil' mama? Please tell me it was legit!

Random: Nah Dawg, dat aint me.

Abusive Black Man: Ah, okay nigga peace.
by Slice Of Russia July 29, 2009
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