Another name for getting high.
Listen to the song "Red Eye Flight" by Candiria.
See stoned.

(The real definition of a red eye flight is a late-night airplane flight)
"Hey what did you do last night?"
"Me and Nick had some extra money so we decided to buy some bud and take the red eye flight."
by $M0K3Y November 4, 2007
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When you bend over bare ass and falp your cheeks open and closed. The red eye is the bumb hole and the flight refers to the cheeks flapping like wings.
"Hold Mystic down I'm gonna send him on a red eye flight."
by Jslawsss May 15, 2012
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A late night booty call. Resulting in the male receiving a blow job.
"Last Night this chick at the bar took me on a flight to Boston, red eye"

"Last night Jenn came over and gave me a Red Eye Boston Flight"

by JJD415 September 29, 2008
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