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A new football team based in Armagh, Ireland. Red Star FC started in July 2009 and was the result of the amalgation of two local teams, Armagh Athletic and Ashley FC. Red Star FC play in the 3rd division of the Mid Ulster Football League and are expected to win the league and league cup this year by all teams. Their record win to date is 14-0 against Sporting Lisburn Road although their greatest victory to date is 4-1 against local rivals, Armagh Rovers. Red Star FC has some real up and coming football stars such as Anto, the speddy left footed assassin. C. Hunk also known as "the wall" cause no one gets past him and Fash, known as the "Gingerbeard Man" cause of his hairy ginger beard.

Red Star FC trashed Armagh Rovers 4-1.
Rhino: Who beat us 4-1?

Anto: Red Star FC did you twit, sure you were watching it!
by M1ster A September 26, 2009
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A football team from Armagh Northern Ireland. They were formed when two local team who regularly got thrashed by their local rivals Armagh Rovers joined forces as the players openly fancied each other. On their website they attract players by claiming that shower time after games is the ultimate funtime for their players.
Anto: Hey philly fancy some fun time in the showers?

Philly: Yuck, im no Red Star FC player, put that wee thing away!

Fash: Im up for it!

Jim: Me too!!!
by Red Star Bhoys October 26, 2009
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