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A leading Manchester United FC fanzine, retailing at a couple of quid.

It is also officially the most popular football related messageboard in the whole world in which discussions can vary from wanking in your mother's bra whilst shuffling your iPod in Prague, to tropical fish. Football discussion is often secondary to general chat, unless United are in the news for something ridiculous and unheard of, such as selling their best player and replacing him with a midget scouse crock.

Behind the harebrained, foolhardy exterior lies an intelligent bunch of people, who all think Burnley is a shit hole. Forums in our shadow include the frankly embarrassing Boo Moon and grief-stricken RAWK - which both provide delicious anecdotes of utter, utter Everest-esque fuckwittery to keep us smiling on slow news days.

Fuck you. Viva Red Issue.
Person 1: What's the best site on the world wide web?
Wise Man: Red Issue.
Person 1: Cool. Where can I get up-to-the-minute United news?
Wise Man: RAWK.
by Admin1999 August 04, 2009
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