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Used to define a 'Pikey' or a 'Thug' - To mean The English word thug, meaning a violent criminal, comes from the Hindi word thag (and originally from the Sanskrit word sthaga), meaning a thief or villain."Back in the 1500's or so ,not really sure about the date, there was a god, in which ladies would come to. They would scarfice items to it, and also cut themselfs and the men would come and still there sacrifics and beat the women and they call themselfs thugs.The original Thugs were bands of roving criminals in India who strangled and robbed travellers. Originally these gangs committed murder following precise religious rites to honour Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction.

A Recrebate is someone who lives in dirty conditions, causes trouble and is not liked by many people.
I don't want to talk to him, Recrebate.
by Pesterstone June 14, 2010
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