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The rather complex process of composing something seemingly simple out of predefined parts that needs to be done again and again to eventually produce a better product/result. Usually, this process is applied to a critical resource or infrastructure that is not available during the recompose.
1) A: "can I please put this plate into the dishwasher now?"
B: "Look, I'm doing the recompose. Give me 5 minutes and there will be plenty of space for your plate."

2) We're currently waiting for the next recompose so we can actually use the switches to control our lights.

3) They forgot to install the lamps at the last recompose, so we have switches, wires, but still no light.

4) I cannot talk to you now. I've just left the meeting and I cannot think clearly. I need a recompose.
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by papageno79 October 24, 2016
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