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A term you would use to describe something overhyped by someone or by the media in general, only to be average at best. You go in thinking it will be great from all the accolades only to be deflated by the anticipation of its greatness from the hype but in reality it fucking sucks!! You're left feeling FUCKED like the Reebox Pump Me Up Shoes endorsed by NBA players in the late 80's especially by Dee Brown, who use to Pump Up His Reebox basketball shoes to enable him to Jump Out Of the Gym, like the shoes had some Fucking Super Hero powers when you pump them up that make your fly as though you were Michael Jordan, in reality you're the same lame Ass who can't even touch the rim!
John is a Fucking Asshole He Reboxxed the Hell out of that movie, It ain't Shit!!!
by Zeke 1120 December 20, 2009
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