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While trying to cope without your last lover you pick up a regular friend with benifits.

Essentially its a simple concept. In your grief, saddness, depession, etc. You go to Craigslist or such and list for a fwb. You have rebound sex endlessly. the person your having sex may look or you imagine being the person you miss.

Short term gain, long term loss. While yes you cope in your climax and your partner has fun but.... you take longer, even and sometimes even not recover from your last relationship.

Another con: an emotional unwanted attachnent may for between you and/or your fwb. This may want you or the other person to persue it futher but alas the other only wanted it temporarily.
Husband: Cassies been having a rebound fling with greg ?

Wife: yepped every night after she off work they go at it. She just cant get over her break up with shawn
by Theamazinggeek January 23, 2018
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