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Rebelblade2 is the name of a RuneScape (JaGeX Ltd.) player who being played by the name of Macgyver. He is a one touch legit noob showing no mercy when fighting any players/monsters who attacks him. He uses weapons when fighting bosses or players: Whip, Saradomin godsword, hand cannon, Meat tenderiser,etc... He also name himself as RebelMontana from a name TonyMontana from the movie Scarface. He has seven 99 (ninty-nine) skill capes including 99 Runecrafting which make some of the people jealous. As his phrase when telling to other players "I Won't die that easy." Even when he says random things or being stupidity he is a Rebel no matter what he does. Today he is still playing and making videos in youtube by the name of Rebelblade2.
1. Rebelblade2 is a legit player fighting bosses using uncommon weapons.

2. Don't mess with the Rebel or you will gonna regret it.

3. I'll name my Sgs(Saradomin godsword) Rebelblade Montana II
by RebelMontana November 29, 2009
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