Rebekah Godwin is such a sweet girl she’s shy anxious and not the best in school when she likes someone she falls hard I mean like imagine falling out of a tree onto the floor type of falling in love if you have a Rebekah Godwin in your life treat her well cause she will stand for what she believes in no matter how close you are she comes off as this shy girl who is quiet cause she has no friends but when she’s with her friends that’s when the chaos ensues and she shows her true colors of a good type of chaotic but if she likes you beware her friends will tell you and you will be the one thing on her mind till the she falls asleep but you’ll probably turn up in her dreams so if she likes you don’t hurt her she’s just a sensitive girl trying to figure out what to do with her big heart
Boy 1- Rebekah Godwin is so cute look at her eyes they’re so pretty

Boy 2- you’re right and her kindness just shimmers
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