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To send someone a link to Rebecca Black's mind-numbingly awful song "Friday" when they were expecting the link to send them somewhere completely different. This is similar to a Rick Roll, but much much worse
Jerry told me that the link was to a hilarious news story, but instead I had to listen to that girl screech "Friday" over and over again. Why does she list the days of the week? Why?! I was just Rebecca Rolled. And it isn't even Friday. That bastard.
by p.carn April 02, 2011
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2011's version of the Rick Roll

Will piss you off even more than being rick rolled because for the rest of the day you will be thinkin of that snotty little kid and not suave rick astley
What's that? You're sending me an awesome picture from your vacation?

"7 am waking up in the morning gotta be fresh gotta go downstairs"

Oh fuck you I jus got Rebecca Rolled!!!! >:(
by Twenty Seven March 20, 2011
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