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name of the son of Death, or 'Grim Reaper'

birthed as the first life form to exist as well as the first opposite. his role yet undetermined, he is the only who walks the realms of time freely, hiding and living among its life forms.

fallen son of death, the remorseless but heartfelt form of existence that see's good and evil, but determines actions which may conflict with others beliefs of such in accordance with sentencing the ascension of afterlife. simply put, he puts you in your place.

an unmentioned and unknown name to all that exists with the sole purpose to uphold the role of the 'angel of death'

defininition of reapurious is 'they who are forgotten, fallen, and free; death of the stars in time of twilight'

see also 'asumante' reapurious' final name or last name.
no examples of reapurious, for noone knows of such things anywhere to my current knowledge.
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