A person that actually likes a music artist that doesn't use illegal downloads like a a fake weirdo that spends all their time on facebook and trying to get a good playcount, to 'boost' their social status!
"fake fan - omg yah I really luv that band :))))))!!!!!! will have to illegally download their tonightt!!!!!!!!"

"Real fan: no. Buy their album and actually support them as an emerging artist if you love her!"

"Fake fan: but albums are so expensiiivvveee!!!!!!!!"

"Real fan: don't you have two Macs? *raised eyebrows* " haha!! I love you! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
by Real fan! October 13, 2009
1. A fan of Japanese animation (anime) that will only watch the original versions of the animations. They will not watch it in any other language (dubs). Usually they will watch the anime with subtitles. They absolutely hate and loathe any and all dubs, and classify them as abominations. It doesn't matter the level of talent the dubbing team has. It seems they hate anything that has their native language, and will often speak and type with a strange mix of their native tongue and improperly used Japanese. They pride themselves in only importing their anime from Japan and will never purchase anime from their national distributer. However, these types of fans are often guilty of illegally downloading anime with fan translated subs from the internet. Due to this, they are stuck with the translations from whatever fan group did the translating job. Because these groups are not professionals, the translations are often times more inaccurate than the dubs they despise (different groups will often have vastly different translations for the same anime). They also will mock anyone who watches any anime they deem inferior. They refer to themselves as "real" anime fans, "true" otakus, or purists. Other anime fans think of them as snobs or pretentious pricks.

2. Any person who likes many different anime. This person will watch both versions of an anime (dubbed and original) before making a balanced decision of which one they like better. Often times these people will have animations in which they prefer the original and animations in which they prefer the dub. Or sometimes they will find that they like both equally. They like a wide range of different anime from popular favorites to obscure ones. They would watch an anime they liked even if no one else liked it. They try to avoid being biased and judgemental and will welcome any new anime fan into the fold. They rarely refer to themselves as real anime fans because it seems egotistical, and they are humble.
1. That guy is a "real" anime fan, he only watches animes with the original Japanese audio, and bitterly hates dubs.

2. That gentleman is a real anime fan, he watches animes with the original Japanese audio as well as the dub, before making a balanced decision as to which one he prefers.
by Riyokintyu April 13, 2008
Someone who listens to Nirvana and knows a lot of their songs other than Smells Like Teen Spirit
Person 1: With the lights out, it's less dangerous! God that song is AWESOME!
Person 2: Name one lyric from Blew.
Person 1: What the fuck is Blew?
Person 2: You're not a real Nirvana fan.
by IAmTheNextRockstar April 3, 2011
People who base their driver support on skill etc, not nationality or glory-hunting.
Fan: Why do you support Hamilton?

Tool: He's the world champion and British!

Fan: So you only like him because he is good and British?

Tool: Yeah!

Fan: When did you start watching F1?

Tool: Whenever Hamilton came into it.

Fan: Then your not a real F1 fan!
by Lord Skel September 17, 2009