The best racing sim on mobile. Unfortunately, the third game has been getting more ads in order to let players skip its "Free to Play" wait times.
"I feel like a real racer in Real Racing -- aaaand, now I have to watch ads to repair my car quick." -_-
by ShutUpImMe June 4, 2016
To perform the Real Amazing Race you must first start by chugging a bottle of liquid laxatives. Once you have polished off the bottle start as soon as possible to masturbate. The challenge is to see if you can masturbate and finish before you shit yourself.
Ex: 1

"Did you watch CBS's Amazing Race last night?"
"No, but I did try to complete The Real Amazing Race."
"What is that?"
"Dude, urbandictionary that shit, its unbelievable."


"Where you able to pull off The Real Amazing Race?"
"No dude, there was shit everywhere and then because of that I threw up all over my dick."
by Patty Kane March 24, 2010
That game that is highly Pay to Win and has physics that people believes realistic but they are not. But hey look, it has F1 and... and oh yeah cars!
Hey mom can i get money to buy a RedBull RB16 in Real Racing 3?
by DaMatt08 June 4, 2021