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A song made by Li'l Jon, Ice Cube and The EastSideWest Boyz with 295 dirty words.
Yeaaauuh, what's up? Right about now, it's time for the Real Nigga Roll Call! Now when you hear your city or state? Uh-huh, big call? What? Put your motherf**kin' middle finger up in this bitch!
by jpegamesen December 13, 2013
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a real nigga roll call usually refers to a congregation of a good size that includes the best of the best of your homies.

but in other cases time this can refer to a large strike force that you can utilize to hit someone.

for example: 2x AK gunners, a rocket man, stationary minimi gunner, 4 dual glock gunners, a pistolero, and jesus (who is gunnin'). this makes one helluva strike force
daaamn, the real niggaz be here, including jesus! its gon' be a real nigga roll call.
by superjesusx September 29, 2007
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