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She is style, she is grace, she is smart, she is a leader. She has worked hard, learned a lot and excelled at whatever she chose to do. She doesn’t ever have to apologize for being successful – she has earned her stripes.

“Real Cougars” are business women, and they are wives and mothers. A “Real Cougar” is not defined by a band on her finger, it’s her attitude about life. She is a woman who is constantly looking for new opportunities and knows how to get what she wants. Sometimes things don’t work out exactly as she plans, but she grows from each and every experience.

In folklore a cougar quietly take control of a situation. Sometimes this can lead to conflict with others over territory. A cougar is associated with leadership and teaches decisiveness in the use of personal power.

True leadership through gentle assertiveness is what cougar teaches those with this totem. Cougar people are often very sure of themselves, not taking any unnecessary steps or exerting any extra energy beyond what is required of them to achieve their goal. Most cougars learn by trial and error, which strengthens them and hones their skills.

A cougar will leap at opportunities. They take control of their lives and circumstances most effectively.

5 Components of a Real Cougar

Health & Wellness:

A Real Cougar Cougar knows that feeling good is the most important thing. Her body is changing each decade. It's her responsibility to keep it running at full capacity.


A Real Cougar doesn’t want to look 25. However she understands the importance of looking sexy and fabulous for the age she happens to be.


A Real Cougar knows that relationships are difficult to maintain. What’s interesting about being over 40 is your priorities change. Now it’s time to focus in on what you really want and stop pleasing everyone else.

Financial Freedom:

A Real Cougar knows the importance of being financially independent. Without that you never feel completely secure.


A Real Cougar knows how important it is to have a mindset that's programmed for success. Knowing how to tap into her spirit and her intuition is essential.

Brett just got back from a date, and called his best friend Dustin on the phone and said, "Dude I just met a Real Cougar at a cafe' yesterday afternoon, and we ended up talking almost all night - it was amazing! On top of that shes extreamly attractive and really cool"
by Cougar Guy January 28, 2009
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