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A city that was once beautiful and prosperous. Now it's a corrupt, dirty, and ghetto shithole infested by racial card-playing gangstas from New Jersey and the Bronx. Anyone sensible enough to realize how terrible it is has fled to the much safer suburbs.

The Mafia actually ran Reading much better than officials do, and now the city is on the verge of bankruptcy due to irresponsible budgeting.

Random facts about Reading:

The unemployment rate is 14.7% (as of July 2010).

Approximately 35% of the population lives below the poverty line.

The city is famous for it's rail transport. You'll even find that the Reading Railroad is a property in Monopoly. Sadly, it went bankrupt in the 1970s. Nowadays, the stations are empty and abandoned and many tracks go unused.

The city is infamous for corruption. The latest scandal involves Mayor McMahan illegally borrowing $11.5 million from the city sewer fund.

It's generally said that almost everyone who has to deal with the city hates it.
Welcome to Reading, PA: the Little Bronx! Just a heads up, though, there's no Little Manhattan next to it...
by Eviltaco64 July 02, 2010
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The hoodiest of the hoods. However, everyone from the burbs claims to be from there, until theyre asked "is it dangerous"
White Girl: I'm from Reading.
Random Guy: Isn't that dangerous?
Girl 1: Well...kinda, if you live in the city. I live OUTSIDE the city.
Me, chiming in: You're from West Lawn bitch.
by SweetChuck August 03, 2005
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One of the most crime ridden, poverty stricken cities in the US. Per capita, it has the highest drug, murder, and crime rate in the nation. Used to be the outlet capital of the world, and now is nearly without any business or workers. Here welfare equals daily wages and shootings are considered population control. If you are not hispanic, do not attract attention to yourself here...
Reading high school student found shot and tied up in the back of an SUV, presumably owing someone drug money.
by moose56 May 27, 2005
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A small shitty town in Pennsylvania. The people there pretend to be from some place else unless they are rich.
I say I'm from Sinking Spring, PA when I'm actually from Reading.
by FM March 14, 2005
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The RDG. Home Of the Reading Rocket Lenny Moore. Train Tracks allover the place like dead bodies. The city has a strong ethnic population. Many suburban preps try to act like they reppin the true 610. But they wack ass don't want 2 step in the hood.Cause they afraid ta gets shot XD.
The place got malls b-ball courts and a taste for hiphop, reggaeton, and mostly crime. Known by many, Hated by all.
Reading,PA the place where we chill, smokin blunts and bustin homeboy's ankles just fo da thrillz.
by DJKS March 20, 2007
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I love Reading. One of the reasons is because it reminds me of books and when I dream about that place, I see books on trees and wear books. LOL. Anyways, the other reason why is because I like how it snows a lot but it is not that cold out (like Canada or Alaska).
Weather report for 19607 "Reading, PA" on Fri., Dec. High-45
by AIMlover November 28, 2009
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not hood, (shakin my head) dont nobody in the world want to claim they're from Reading. LOL @ the name first of all. And that little "death" that happened in that school was a lie, just because little white kids over there do pot don't mean they hood, Lmao @ pot, come to jerzy where them real niggaz be at, holla atcha nigga on some real
Wouldn't nobody in the entire U.S. walk up to someone and say they from "Reading, PA". Jersey is the truth if anything. Camden is rated murder capital of the U.S., search the web if u dont believe me, and Newark, Irvington, Elizabeth, Jersey City, East Orange and all that is still hood along wit it holla at me 1
by B iz Brazy September 23, 2005
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