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Rblood is a Rapper from Baltimore Maryland. He has been on the scene since 2012 with his single "In the Trenches." His music has been gaining constant listeners. He uses his stumbles to peak interest in his genius lyricism. Charm city has been going strong but yet R might be the best.
Rblood has struggled in the street. He had a friend, Sunny whom in his words toned his lyrical ability.
He has been recognized by some of today's hottest rap artist's like Fetty Wap. Rblood refused to sign the contract to RGF and later expressed why. Quoted from his song "I dun want nunthin" he said "I don't want these niggas thinkin, I'm in for the money or the fame. I'm in to tell my story and show others they aren't alone and possibly save a life."

Rblood is currently making new music, He is always hammering out something out for his fans.
In the last year his CD "Scarred" has made over 20k dollars which R used to be a play ground on his block in Baltimore.

He is a Kind hearted Rap Artist, currently signed to his friend's label, Charm city Mixtapes aka CCM
Rblood is still going hard for us, even after 4 years.
by Ccm lsbels October 13, 2016
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