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N. Person who is the victim of vituperation; particularly in dive bars and other low gathering places
How ya doin', Doc?
How's they hangin', Evil Genius?
Long time no see, Moose.
Hey there, Mister.
Whatta you have, Chum.
Ahoy there, Mookie.
Greetings, Jasper.
Name yer poison, Big Man.
Whatever you need, Chilly Willy
Easy there, Beerheart.
Hey you, Scumbozo!
Lissen up, Punko.
We don't need no sass, Chiefy.
Take it outside, Boss.
Sez me, Assface.
Don't start no trouble, Tuffy.
Yo, Dog, I'm talkin' to YOU.
Yeah, Satan, you.
You must think you're a Ruff Tuff Creampuff.
Don't start nuthin, yuh Lousy Pillhead.
G'wan, beat it, Lusho.
Take a hike, Boozeheart, or I'm callin' the fuzz.
Can you believe the nerve of that RAZZHAT?
by Francis DiMenno January 12, 2008
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