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He’s a YouTuber who just had a baby because he’s old. He plays a lot of Yandere simulator, dresses in sexy nurse costume, and has a pet turtle with a foot fetish. Check him out if you want something funny and entertaining.
Did you see Razzbowski’s new video, he dressed up like a sexy nurse and Mister Turtle tried to steal Senpai in Yandere simulator, for the 3rd time.
by Catgirl 42 hellfire June 15, 2019
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the cutest and handsomest boi to ever have been created. he is a blessing to this world and should be immortal. he likes to game and does stupid things for his youtube channel, but rhats why people watch him.
me: yo you watch razzbowski?
friend: yeah hes hella cute and i love his vids
by bigpurpledino March 20, 2019
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