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The Razorblade Smile is the act of using MySpace, Facebook or other popular social sites to make give someone mild to severe mental distress or even lead them to suicide. This is done by creating a false profile, befreinding and or seducing them online, then turn on them in some horrible way. All the while never comming into live contact with the target.(Razorblade for them, Smile for you)
A woman posed as a teenage boy to seduce and ultimately destroy her daughter's best freind using the MySpace network. The girl she wrote to commited suicide shortly after the "break up". A true example of the Razorblade Smile..
by The Reverend Godless May 21, 2008
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1.) Method of torture where teeth are pulled out and razor blades put into the mouth in their place.

2.) Film with Eileen Daly in it.

3.) Another method of torture where you cut someone a new (ear to ear) smile with a razor blade.

Sometimes known as... The Tony Blair Smile or the Wal-Mart Smile
"I seen Razor Blade Smile Yesterday - cool film!"

"I heard that Carlos the drug baron got hold of Steve - gave him a Razor Blade Smile"
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp May 04, 2004
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