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Raysha is one of the best friends you'll ever meet. To start off, Raysha is gorgeous. She has a perfect body and gorgeous hair. She doesn't always know it, but she is one of the prettiest girls anyone around her will ever meet. Along with her beauty, Raysha is one of the best friends you'll ever have. She's hysterical, sarcastic and overall fun to be around. You never fail to have fun when you're around Raysha. Raysha is adventurous. She does what she likes and doesn't follow exactly what people want her to do. Raysha is one of the most fun girls you will ever meet and is willing to do anything for her friends. She is protective over the people around her and the people she loves. There is no one in this world that can possible hate Raysha... unless they're jealous. Raysha is also an amazing girlfriend all the other boys will be jealous of you when you date Raysha.Raysha is amazing at sport as well!!!!
Raysha is so cute and hot I can't believe she doesn't have a boyfriend!
by ilovemakeupandfashion123 August 03, 2018
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