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A phone that fits the following criteria:

Lacks a user interface

No camera

No video playback/record

Has a broken screen which disables the screen from showing up. AKA the traditional telephone.
David: "Man my LG phone fell and broke; now I can't see shit on it I'm ditchin this bullshittin Ray Charles phone for an even better one, with a working screen on it."

Stephen: "Fuck this Ray Charles phone, I'm gonna get the latest 4G phone, one I can watch YouTube on."

Jamie Foxx: "The wired telephone was made for blind folks to use. Ray Charles would be happy to use this Ray Charles phone. No disrespect to the music legend though, I'm just sayin'."

I know Life's Good but I just can't appreciate this BS Ray Charles phone for real.
by ogdajuiceman January 31, 2011
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