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Often used when the word ridiculous is just not enough to describe the current object of your attention. But, combined with the term "RAWR" it makes the words use more for an endearing sense.

Not to be confused with redonkulous.

So basically it is something absurd that you also love or appreciate.

But not used in a negative way. Think positive. RAWR!
Correct usage: That girls boobs are Rawrdiculous
You are being Rawrdiculous right now.

Incorrect usage: The 91x Morning show is Rawrdiculous
Healthcare reform is Rawrdiculous
(These are incorrect as the usage is more demeaning and mocking the subject)

Questionable usage: Sarah Palin is Rawrdiculous (this would be correct if you are making a cougar reference, incorrect if it is a political reference)
by WeAreAroundYou February 10, 2010
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