When A guy performs vigorous hard poundin sex on his partner causing them to cry and bleed.
Kaylee: Did you and Chad enjoy your date last night?
Kiersten : Yeah Chad took me to a motel and he gave me a Raw Fuck and then he had to call the paramedics!
Kaylee : Oh no that sounds aweful!
Kiersten : It was he fucked me so hard I was vomiting and couldn't breathe then I passed out after my head hit the bed post there was blood puke and cum all over the place !
Kaylee : Is Chad ok?
Kiersten : Don't know the cops arrested him for attempted murder!
Kaylee: Guess you won't be getting a Raw Fuck again anytime soon?
Kiersten : I hope not but it then again it might be fun!
by SlopNChop January 28, 2017
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